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Welcome to summer at Our Web Home. Hamish will be 1 year old on July 4th and MacTavish will be 9 on July 5th. MacTavish is quite used to the little stinker. He has thing thing for chewing on his ears and pulling his tail and he doesn't fuss. Lots of doggie 'wrestling' going on in this house. They love the French doors to the back yard and new deck steps - Hamish runs out and leaps from top do ground like superman.

Padraig, on the other hand, would rather not get chewed on. That guy is down to 7-1/2 pounds with his hyperthyroidism. Even on meds he can't take in enough calories to maintain his weight. When he is sitting it looks "normal" but when he lays on his side he looks like road kill. Otherwise he is healthy and happy - just really dang skinny. Fortunately I have found he likes the high calorie/protein malt flavored gel so I have started supplementing this with his food to try and increase his weight and I let him eat any/everything he wants. He's gotten to like a bowl of Lactaid every night. Without the lactose in it he does well and does not upset his system like milk does. Michael - well if he could give Padraig some of is 15+ pounds life would be good. He wants to know why he doesn't get any of the supplemental gel.


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MacTavish & Hamish, March 2016

If you click on their names below the pictures they will take you to their pages. Lots more pictures there of these "funny" boys. The color of their names are their "colors". Leashes, coats, sweaters, etc. are in those colors for my boys!

Michael, Tuxedo Cat
Born 03/12/2001

Padraig, Tabby Cat
Born 03/17/2001

MacTavish, Cairn Terrier
Born 07/05/2007

Hamish 5-1/2 months old

Hamish, West Highland White Terrier
Born 07/04/2015

Here's a little something I do every day to help the animals. The Animal Rescue Site has a place where you click the the purple "FEED AN ANIMAL IN NEED" button and it will count towards bowls of food for a resuced animal in a shelter or sanctuary. The site has sponsors who donate the money/food when you do that click. It only takes a minute, but means a lot to those animals without homes. Click on the logo below to visit the site - then click the purple button and make your click count! According to their site since it beginning 126 million bowls of food have made it to needy animals in shelters everywhere!

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From here in NE Ohio wishing you a wonderful 2016.

Graphic by Harry the Cat
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